Merry Xmas and a Hopping New Year!

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Thanks for a really interesting year! I say interesting, because even if Bugburger as a project has been quite successful the future for our planet doesn’t look very bright at the moment. Reports from Germany that the wild insect population is decreasing rapidly, and the report that carbon dioxide emissions are rising again are certainly depressing. And for us entopreneurs in Sweden it was a big setback that Swedish Livsmedelsverket decided not to follow Finlands and Denmarks example, and said no to the possibility to legalise insects before the end of 2017.

Looking at the bright side it feels really good to be part of a movement that wants to make a difference. This year Swedish entopreneurs got together and wrote a debate article in Swedens largest national newspaper. And the companies also formed an organisation ”Insektsföretagen”. This year was also the first time Swedish television invited an insect chef that cooked proper food with insects as ingredients!

But the most postive news this year was Finlands decision to allow insects as food! We have already seen a lot of interesting things happening in Finland as an effect of this decision. Next week I will take a short trip by ferry to experience some of this first hand (and buy some drone larvae).
More about this in future blog postings and in my upcoming book!

Even if 2018 won’t be the year when insects can be sold as food in Sweden… it will be the year that Swedes can buy a book about eating insects.

Have a Happy Hopping New Year!

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