The Eating insects startups: Here is the list of Entopreneurs around the world!

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To honor the first edition of World Edible Insect Day (the 23d of October 2015) Bugburger composed a list of entopreneurs around the world. That is companies, organisations and individuals who either are working on an edible-insect product, are planning to deliver one or are just advocating the benefits of eating insects.

The list is not complete (that is an almost impossible task), sometimes companies change strategies and products, and sometimes companies on the list don’t make it, But the list shows in a good way what is happening out there, and what kind of products start ups go for!

Please post comments if you would like to add a company to the list.
The list was updated 2018-11-24
238 companies/brands on the list!

The organisations, research projects, Insect industry organisations and  insect eating advocates are not any longer included in the count (since 2018-4-23)


Protein-bars/insect bars
Protein shake/nutrition supplements
Insect candy/snacks
Insect/cricket flour/powder
Insect pasta
Special insect products (unique products hard to categorize)
Insects as food (generalists)
Insect restaurants/insect chefs/insect catering
Online stores selling insects for human consumption
Whole sale – edible insects
Insects as pet food
Insects as animal feed

Professional insect farmers
Home farming insects
Insect farming for the poor
Other farms and consulting
Research projects
Insect industry organisations
Insect eating advocates
Podcasts and Youtube Channels

Here is a list of startups that seems to have stopped existing (they are not inclued in the company count)
Please contact Bugburger if that is not the case.

Protein-bars/insect bars:

There are lot of people out there that think Patrick Crowley really came up with a great way of serving crickets as food when he founded Chapul (Aztec for crickets). The Chapul bars have been sold for a couple of years and as you can see in the list below they are getting more and more competition! This list used to be compiled by companies just working on cricket bars. But I have now also included some companies that have more then cricket bars on sale.

Chapul ( (US)
One of the pioneers. Nowadays also selling cricket powder.

Exo ( (US)
One of the early players. Bought by Aspire 2018

Eat:em ( (Sweden)

Näak ( (Canada)

Eat grub ( (UK)
Eat Grub have their own cricket bar!
(Tip! You get a 15% discount if you use the code “GRUBSPECIAL15” in the checkout)

Gryö Bars ( (France)

Jimini’s ( (France)
Read test (in Swedish) here >>

uKa Protéine ( (Canada)

Yumpa ( (UK)

Sensbar ( (Czech Republic)

Crickstart ( (US)
Protein bars and crackers.

Enorm ( (Denmark)
Danish company making insect bars with lesser mealworm (and other snacks).

The Cricket Effect ( (Australia)

Swarm Protein ( (Germany)

Leader Zircca bar ( (Finland)
Finnish company producing protein bars that now have launched protein bars.

Instinct ( (Germany)
A bar from Bear Protein.

Coast Protein ( (Canada)
Cricket bars and powder.

Zoic bar ( (UK)

Getsharp ( (UK)

Jump Bars ( (Canada)

Bug break ( (Germany)
Snack insects insect bar brand.

Fit Cricket Nutrition ( (Canada)

Wholi food ( (Denmark)
Have  protein bar called “Buff bar”

Bugmo ( (Japan)

Hop Bar ( (UK)

Bite Snacks ( (Canada)

Leap Protein ( (Australia)


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Protein-shakes/nutrition supplements:


Insects contain a lot of protein. So why not make protein shakes out of them? Or Omega-3 supplements?

Bugeater Foods ( (US)

CrikNutrition ( (Canada)

Bug Muscle ( (US)
(At the moment its not clear what kind of product they will release, but they want to turn insect protein into muscles ;-)

Jurassic Snacks (

Sustainable boost ( (US)

Isaac nutrition ( (Germany)
Europes first protein powder with insects! Uses buffalo worms from protifarm.

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Bugsolutely Bella Pupa is the first product based on silkworm powder. (Photo: Bugsolutely)

Bugsolutely Bella Pupa is the first product based on silkworm powder. (Photo: Bugsolutely)

Hotlix are the pioneers of “insects candy” and started their business in the 70:s. They sell the classic lollipops with a worm, dried grasshoppers etc. They have relied a lot on the scary/yuck factor of insects, and maybe they won’t do that well when insects become more mainstream. The new startups like Sixfoods selling their Chirps and Crickers selling their Crickers crackers have a different more serious agenda.

Hotlix ( (USA)

Six Foods ( (USA)
The company behind the cricket chips: “Chirps.

Snack Insects ( (Germany)

Insecteo ( (France)

Eat:em ( (Sweden)

Seek ( (USA)
Cricket snack bites.

Griyum ( (Mexico)
Mexican grasshopper crisps.

Kafka of Sweden ( (Sweden)
Protein enriched crisp bread.

Wicked Cricket ( (Germany)
Roasted cricket snacks.

Griinsect ( (Finland)
Northern forest cricket crackers from Finland.

Wholi Foods ( (Denmark)
Used to be known under the brand “Daretoeat”. Makes cricket snacks.

Bugsolutely China ( (China)
Making the Bella pupa silkworm snack.

Mopani Queens (Facebook page) (South Africa)
The only company in South Africa and sells flavored Mopani Caterpillars or Mopani Worms as they are known there.
Barbeque, chilli, chutney and the original salted flavour.

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Insect/cricket flour/powder:

cricket powder

Making flour/powder out of insects is big business, and will become an even bigger business as it its the bases of many insect products.

Bitty Foods ( (USA)
Sells their own cricket flour mix (mixed up with coconut and cassava) and cricket snacks. Used to sell cookies.
One of the ento-preneur pioneers. Bugburgers has written about Bitty (in Swedish) here >>

All Things Bugs ( (USA)
The company behind the cricket powder below.

Griopro ( (USA)
The “original patented cricket powder”. All Things Bugs brand.

Cricket Flours ( (USA)

Entolution ( (USA)

Eco Insect Farming ( (Thailand)

Primal Future ( (New Zealand)

Acheta ( (Norway)
Norwegian startup selling cricket powder under its own brand.

Grilo Protein ( (Australia)
Australian company selling cricket powder (with different flavours) and soon also bars.

Aketta ( (USA)
Aspires brand for cricket products.

Näak ( (Canada)
Nääk sells both cricket powder and their protein bars.

Chapul ( (US)
Yes Chapul has started selling crickt powder!

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Insect pasta:

Photo: Nutribug

Photo: Nutribug

Nutribug (, (UK)
Nutribug has been working on two products: Pro pasta with cricket flour, and Pro crackers. So when they deliver they deliver in two categories ;-)

Going Bugs (, (Italy)
It feels good that an Italian startup is working on an insect based pasta.

Goffard Sisters (, (Belgium)

Kinjao ( (France)
High protein pasta with cricket flour and spirulina!

Bugsolutely ( (Thailand)
Have launched their cricket pasta!

Insects & vous (on Kickstarter) (France)
Facebook page >>

Krick8 ( (UK)

Crické ( (Italy)

Tottem Nutrition ( (Canada)
Pasta + cricket powder.

Tjirp Insect Food ( (The Netherlands)

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Special insect products (unique products hard to categorize):

Some products are harder to categorize then other. Here are some extra interesting insect products.

Photo: Critter Bitters

Critter Bitters ( (USA)
Cocktail bitters made out of crickets!

Bug Foundation (, (Germany)
Has just released their own bug burger: The Bux Burger! Something Bugburger really must try out!

C-FU Foods (, (Canada)
Extracts the protein from crickets and makes their own cricket-tofu: C-FU.

Gran Mitla (, (Mexico)
“Sal de Gusano is a traditional Oaxacan spice made from sea salt, toasted and ground agave worms and chile costeño. A distinct Oaxacan flavor to accompany your Mezcal, Tequila or Michelada, on fruits and salads, or in signature Mexican dishes.”

One Hop Kitchen ( (Canada)
C-FU Foods own food brand selling a bolognese with crickets.

Syngja ( (Denmark)
Read more about their cricket shot here >>

Gryllies (, (Canada)
Are now focusing on selling a cricket-enriched tomato sauce.

Biteback (, (Indonesia)
Developing an alternative to Palm oil: meal worm oil!

Beetles Beer ( (Belgium)
“Rich in taste! Light sweet, a little bitter with seductive hopped flavors gives the perfect balance in Beetles. Its relative modest alcohol content helps the taste, stimulate the senses. The Golden character was obtained by the secret mix of “novel foods”. Full of proteins and vitamines which gives the strength to BEETLES beer and finishes the beer sensation to the fullest!”

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Insects as food (generalists):

Insect starter kit from Grub

There are also a lot of startups/companies who have a more general approach to insects as food and don’t rely on one product.

Eat Grub ( (UK)
Except selling protein bars, snacks and cricket powder Eat Grub is selling freezedried insects , collecting recipes and advocating insect eating.

(Tip! You get a 15% discount if you use the code “GRUBSPECIAL15” in the checkout)

Green Kow ( (Belgium)
Claim to be “first in Europe to offer products containing insects (mealworms), to be distributed in regular stores (organic and nature food stores)”.
Their products: 2 salty spreads: carrot- and tomato-mealworm, and 2 chocolate spreads: dark chocolate-mealworm and milk chocolate-mealworm spread.

Entomo Farms ( (USA)
Previously known as Next Millenium Farms. Has a lot of interesting products.

Dybri – Edible insects from Cornwall ( (UK)

Myldregard (, (Norway)

Inspiro Foods ( (Canada)

Nutrient ( (Sweden)
The first Swedish entopreneur breeding its own mealworms.

Bugzz (, (Netherlands)

Entotech (, (France)
Creators of Insectéo snacks and Kinjao.

Little food (, (Belgium)

Spieseplan (, (Austria)

Bugs World Solution Food ( (Belgium)

Entomo Foodafrica ( (D.R. Congo)

Nordic Insect Economy ( (Finland)

essento ( (Switzerland)

Finsect ( (Finland)

Italibugs ( (Italy)
Italian food (pasta) and sport supplements (protein powder and bar)

Imago insect products ( (Germany)
Protein flour, dried crickets and proteinbars.

Detroit Ento (US)

Entosense ( (USA)

Entovida! ( (USA)

Tiny Foods ( (Netherlands)

Earth and me ( (UK)

Insekten Essen ( (Austria)

Enorm ( (Denmark)
Danish company working on products using mealworms.

Flying Spark ( (Israel)
Israeli company working with fruit fly larvae. The currently produce whole powder, reduced-fat powder, dry larva and larvae oil.

Bug biters Corporation ( (Mexico)

Farming Insects ( (Germany)

Ïhou ( (France)
” The houhou products are exclusively from our breeding based in the East of France . Our insects are born there and live in an environment created to be as close as possible to their natural ecosystem.”

Entis ( (Finland)

Jiminy Co. ( (USA)

The Bug Buggy ( (USA)

Small Chomp ( (Italy)

Proento ( (Netherlands/Mexico)

Entomos ( (Switzerland)

Burgs food ( (Netherlands)
The dutch bugburger!

Minus farm ( (France)
Micros farm selling its own products.

Tebrito ( (Sweden)
Working on their own protein product based on mealworms.

Invertapro ( (Norway/Tanzania)
Their brand is called:
Larveriet (

Edible Bug (, (South Korea)
Edible Inc. is developing insect as sustainable protein. Product range: Well-processed edible insect itself and Food materials, Snacks, Noodles, and Health supplements using edible insects

Unik mat (, (Norway)

Plumento Foods ( (Germany)

Crickster ( (Denmark)

GrubsUp ( (Australia)

Flourish farm ( (USA)

Die Wurmfarm ( (Austria)

Mon grillon future foods ( (France)

BioHexaPro ( (Colombia)
Started January 2018. Will produce Burger, Protein Bar, Cricket Flour for Agriculture and Pet Food.

De Krekerij ( (The Netherlands)

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Insect restaurants/insect chefs/insect catering

In the list below I include companies/chefs focused on insects. I’ve not included restaurants that have one or two dishes with bugs on the menu. If you know Swedish or do a google translate you can read Bugburgers article on gourmet restaurants like Noma in Denmark and D.O.M in Brazil. Bugburger has also have visited Archipelago in London, and Mexican restaurant Ty y Yo in Boston.

Don Bugito ( (USA)
“The prehistoric snackeria”, serving mexican bug food.

Grub Kitchen ( (UK)
The first dedicated insect restaurant in Britain.

Entomochef ( (Belgium)
Does a lot of events, and also sells their own products. Chris Derudder from Entomochef founded the World Edible Insect Day.

The Bug Chef ( (USA)
The guy behind the classic “The Eat-A-Bug Cookbook”.

Bug Appétit (USA)
The restaurant at the Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium.

The Black Ant (
Mexican restaurant serving insects in New York.

Insect-o-shi ( (Netherlands)
The company’s primary objective is to create a sushi bar with just edible insects.

Chirp cuisine ( (Canada)
Catering and workshops.

Bugs Café ( (Cambodia)

Insects in the backyard ( (Thailand)

Chef Gouttebel ( (Norway)
If you need an entochef in Norway, call Chef Gouttebel!

Master Bug ( (Italy)
Italian entochef.

Hyönteiskokki – Topi Kairenius ( (Finland)
Finlands entochef!

Craft Crickets ( (USA)
Focused on cooking classes.

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Online stores selling insects for human consumption:

Thailand Unique

Thailand Unique

For Swedish readers of this post, please check out Bugburgers shopping guide >>
Another important notice: Most of the companies above have their own shops selling directly to their customers. Below are company who sell a range of different insect products.

Thailand Unique ( (Thailand)
The shop with the widest range of insects. Many of them also sold in shops in the US and Europe.

Next Food ( (Thailand)
A farm that sells their home grown insects. And they also sell them wholesale if you want to start a restaurant or consume a lot of insects.

Crunchy Critters ( (UK)

MiniFood (, (Belgium)

Edible Bug Shop ( (Australia)

Delibugs ( (Netherlands)

Jiminis ( (France)

Insectes comestibles ( (France)

Haocheng MealWorm Inc ( (China)

Entomarket ( (USA)

Extreme food ( (Sweden)
The first shop in Sweden that sold insects as food (Hotlix products). At the moment they have been stopped by Livsmedelsverket (read more about the regulations in Sweden).

Crawlers. ( (New Zealand) (Germany)
Sell insects since 2002 in Germany.
They also have their own cookbook, and hold cooking classes.

DinInsektButik ( (Denmark)

21 Bites ( (Italy)
“21bites is the first European online shop where you can buy edible insects products from the best European companies today on the market, carefully-selected to ensure the highest quality and safety.”

Future Food Shop ( (UK)
Selling food made of insects and other “future food”. ( (Finland)
Webshop selling Finnish insect products and imported insects.

Good Bug Food Shop ( (Netherlands)

Exotic Food ( (Spain)

Insectum ( (Spain)

Bugs farm ( (Japan)

Little Bugs ( (Belgium)

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Whole sale – edible insects:

Here is a list of companies who works primarily wholsesale selling insects to restaurants, shops etc.

Anteater ( (New Zealand)

Big Bugs Inc ( (USA)

Deli Ostrich ( (Belgium)
A company that sells a lot of exotic animals as food. Including a couple of species of insects that are sold frozen to shops.

Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch ( (USA)

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Insects as pet food:

Why not give your best friend an insect snack?

Hexa Foods ( (Canada)
Produces: Bugbites, (on Kickstarter)

EntoBento ( (USA)
On Kickstarter >>

Chloes treats ( (USA)

Conscientious cat ( (USA)
Sustainable, ethical cat food.

Cricket Kitchen Pet Treats ( (USA)

Green Pet Food ( (Germany)

Wilder Harrier ( (Canada)

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Insects as animal feed:

Several companies see the potential in feeding livestock, fish, pigs and poultry with insects instead of other protein sources. Not as energy efficient like eating the insects our selves but more environmentally friendly then shipping soya beens all over the world and feeding fish with fish. Especially if you can feed insects with leftovers from for instance the food industry.

Protix ( (Netherlands)

Ynsect ( (France)

Entomo Farm (, (France)


Diptera (, (Italy)

Entobel ( (Vietnam)

Agriprotein ( (South Africa)

Hipromine ( (Poland)

Entofood ( (Malaysia)

Enviroflight ( (USA)

Grubbly Farms ( (USA)

Bugimine ( (Estonia)

Goterra ( (Australia)

Nutriinsect ( (Italy)

Hermetia ( (Germany)

MealFood Europe ( (Spain)

Next Alim ( (France)

Nasekomo ( (Bulgaria)

nextProtein ( (France)

Millibeter ( (Belgium)
Work since 2012 with the Black Soldier Fly, primarily for feed, petfood, and technical applications.

Hexafly ( (Ireland)
Making products with Black Soldier Fly. Primarily for feed.

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Professional insect farmers:

Here a list of companies that are rearing insects for human consumption.

Micronutris ( (France)

Proti-Farm ( (Netherlands)

Kreca ( (Netherlands)
Part of Proti-farm

Rainbow Mealworms (, (USA)

Edible Bugfarm ( (UK)

Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch ( (USA)

Coalo Valley Farms ( (USA)

Armstrong Cricket Farm ( (USA)

Eco Insect Farming ( (Thailand)

Chapa farms ( (Mexico/Canada)

Six legs farms ( (UK)

Nordic Food Supplements ( (Norway)
Norweigan startup who is breeding mealworms with the plan of making petfood, plants nutrition and human nutrition.

Bugging Denmark ( (Denmark)

Heimdal Entofarm ( (Denmark)

Entofactory ( (Chile)

Cowboy Cricket Farms ( (US)
“We have a family farm in Montana called Cowboy Cricket Farms. We raise crickets, do research, and sell 3 cricket products: Chocolate Chirp Cookie, Cricket powder, and Cricket flour.”

Cricket farm ( (US)
Cricket Farm is a tiny indoor farm in Brooklyn NY that raises crickets for people to eat & also offers tiny residencies for people to work on projects while learning about cricket farming.

Harmony Micro Farms ( (US)

Hargol Food Tech ( (Israel)
World’s first commercial grasshopper farm. Active from Israel and sells whole grasshoppers and grasshopper powder.

Global Bugs ( (Thailand/Sweden)
Swedish/Thai company building a big modern insect farm in Thailand called Insect City.

The Cricket Depot ( (USA)
Cricket farm selling insects (super worms, crickets and BSF larvae) as pet food.

Beta hatch ( (USA)

Instar Farming ( (UK)
Farming crickets for food in the UK.

Horizon Insects ( (UK)

Gryllus ( (Finland)
Cricket farmer.

Microvita ( Italy

Enorm Bio Factory ( (Denmark)
Farming Black Soldier Fly. ( (Denmark)
Danish cricket farm in the Copenhagen area.

Nutrix ( (Portugal)

EntoCube ( (Finland)
EntoCube insect farm works well almost everywhere, but the original idea was to provide a solution for poor people in developing countries. Now they are more concentrated on providing solutions for cricket farmers in Finland.
Read Bugburgers interview (in Swedish) with one of the founders >>

Green Bee Entomology ( (UK)

Go-eco ( (South Africa)

Optiprot ( (Mexico)

Aspire FG (, (Ghana, USA)
Aspire has two parts: One part working on commercial cricket farming in the US. And one part in Ghana which is a commercial palm weevil farm and “a program which empowers peri-rural farmers to raise palm weevils locally”.

Rebel Food Tasmania ( (Australia)

Urban Mat ( (Norway) is a cricket farmer(field crickets) and mealworm farmer in Norway.
We produce live food for pets, cricket powder, dryed crickets, roasted crickets and cooked crickets.

The Cricket Lab ( (Thailand/Czech republic)
Building “the largest cricket farm in the world)

Nutrinsectos ( (Mexico)
Located in Guadalajara, Mexico, where Nutrinsectos raise food grade crickets, Mealworms and Superworms.

Yes Crickets ( (Canada)
Premium Canadian cricket farm growing crickets and also selling flavoured dry-roasted crickets and protein powder.

Entocycle ( (UK)
Automated BSF farm based in London.

Infinite Food Group (Cricket Market) ( (Panama)
Founded by Canadian, Cricket Market is the first and only autorised Commercial Cricket Farm in Panama. Central and south America Largest cricket farm focused on organic and 100% tracability.

Cricket Express ( (Sweden)
Not raised for human consumption, but I think they should be pretty safe :)

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Home farming insects:

Livin farms coming system:

Livin farms coming system: “The Hive” (photo: Livin Farms)

Open Bug Farm (, (US)
Tiny farms great open source project where insect farmers share their experiences and practices for insect farming. They have also set up an open source kit on GitHub.

Livin Farms (, (Hong Kong/Austria)
Katarine Ungers beautiful project Farm 432 has turned into a real product the Hive that  you can buy now!

Cricket Man (, (US)
The Cricket Man, Marc Sanchez, has helped setting upp micro farms and larger farms since 2007.

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Insect farming for the poor:

Inuti EntoCube (Foto: skärmdump från EntoCubes Youtube-film)

Inuti EntoCube (Foto: skärmdump från EntoCubes Youtube-film)

Some companies main focus is to come up with solutions that can help poor people in poor countries breed insects and give them a cheap source of protein.

Khepri (, (France)
Working on a breeding case that can be used by poor communities.

MealFlour ( (Guatemala/USA)
MealFlour is a social enterprise founded in 2015 to promote better nutrition through sustainable farming of protein-rich mealworms.

Insects for all ( (Netherlands)

Farms for orphans ( (USA)

Aspire FG (, (Ghana, USA)
Aspire has two parts: One part working on commercial cricket farming in the US. And one part in Ghana which is a commercial palm weevil farm and “a program which empowers peri-rural farmers to raise palm weevils locally”.

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Other farms, farm consulting equipment: ( (The Netherlands)
“At Ento Farm we equip our member Ento Farms (Ento Farmers) with the best customizable insect farming systems for large scale and sustainabe production.”

Insectergy ( (USA)
“INSECTERGY develops insect and cannabis farming technologies.”

Six leg consulting ( (Germany)
Practical Consulting for the Industrial Insect Production

NGN New Generation Nutrition ( (The Netherlands)
New Generation Nutrition is a frontrunner in developing insect-based solutions for feed and food, in both developed and developing country contexts. With over ten years of combined experience, NGN aims to provide sustainable insect applications that have economic, environmental and social value.

Ovipost ( (USA)
“We build technology to help insect farms reduce costs, scale production, and help the planet.”

Space coast Mealworms ( (USA)
Mealworm farm but also the creator of the pupae sifting tray and pupae bridge. Check it out!

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Research projects:

Wageningen University ( (Netherlands)
The university responsible for the FAO report: Edible insects – Future prospects for food and feed security
On their webpage you can find a list of all edible insects in the world!

éntomo ( (Ireland)

GREEiNSECT ( (Denmark)


Dr Beynons Bugfarm ( (UK)

Nordic Food Lab ( (Denmark)

Danish Technological Institute ( (Denmark)


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Insect industry organisations:

International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed ( (based in Belgium)
IPIFF is a non-profit organisation founded in 2013 which represents the interests of the breeders associated to this organisation.
IPIFF gathers the main private players in the insect industry.

AFFIA ( (Asia)
“The Asian Food and Feed Insect Association- AFFIA- aims at bringing industry and research stakeholders from the insects’ sector in a collaborative movement towards the development of entomoculture, entomophagy and their related activities.”

Woven Network ( (UK)
Woven Network is set up to directly benefit, through a set of membership services, entrepreneurs and researchers working in the role of insects in the human food chain. Indirectly, through supporting its members, the company will also benefit the wider public across the Globe that need sustainable, alternative sources of protein.

Belgian Insect Industry Federation ( (Belgium)
Unite all actors working in Belgium on the breeding and/or use for commercial purposes of insects and other arthropods.
Exchange and spread the knowledge regarding of insects and other arthropods, more specifically about their breeding and different commercial applications, to the general public, public authorities, the academic world and at a corporate level.
To promote Research & Development regarding the breeding and commercial use of insects and other arthropods, or parts/extracts thereof.

North American Coalition for Insect Agriculture ( (US/Canada)
“The mission of the North American Coalition for Insect Agriculture is to foster collaboration amongst stakeholders and create a consolidated voice to encourage the positive growth of insects as both feed and food.”

Venik ( (Netherlands)
Organisation for the dutch insect industry.

Insektsföretagen (
The Swedish insect food and feed business organisation.

InsectCentre ( (Netherlands)
InsectCentre is a network organisation. Our goal is to connect all parties who have an interest in contributing to the introduction of insects as feed, food and pharma in order to speed up accomplishments which are greater than those a single participant could reach.

Kempen Insect Clustre ( (Belgium)
A cocreation platform for companies up- and downstream to create new products and services around bioconversion with insects.

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Insect eating advocates: isn’t the only website promoting insect eating. Here are some other insect advocates that don’t sell stuff, just the message: Eat insects ;-)

Marcel Dicke, ( (Netherlands)
His TED Talk on the topic “Why not eat insects” from 2010 is an important milestone in the entomophagy movement. See it here >>

4ento (, (Switzerland)
Ana Day is doing a great job on promoting edible insects. Check out 4ento!

Food Insects Newsletter ( (USA)
The classic source for entomophagy news.

Entomove Project (, (France)
Florian Nock is an environmental engineer, certified nutritionist and a great advocate of eating insects.

Bug Vivant ( (USA)

Little Herds (, (US)

entonote ( (Italy)

Girl meets bug ( (USA)
Daniella Martin, one of the pioneers of the new ento movement. Wrote the book “Edible” in 2014.

International Society for Food and Feed Insects ( (USA)

Bugible ( (USA)

Entoblog ( (USA)

Tastebugs ( (Australia)

Bugsfeed ( (Denmark)
Impressive website made by the team behind the danish documentary “Bugs – will eating insects save our Earth?”

Insect cuisine ( (Japan)
A group that get together once a month to enjoy edible insects.

Oh my bug recipes ( (Netherlands)

Bugalicous ( (Netherlands)
Patricia Stevens company Bugalicous could have been placed in several categories. She gives lectures, do catering, produces an insect bar (“the first Dutch insect-based bar ever”) and drives around her Insect van, “De Buggy”.

Ento Nation ( (USA)
A podcast, and  bug news website, hosted by Marc “the Cricket Man” Sanchez.

Better Universal Grub (
Read Bugburgers interview with Aaron and Leo here >>

Buglady ( (Denmark)
Danish Nina Askov, aka Buglady, is a blogger who combines the love of cooking with a big passion for insects as food.

Ilkka Taponen ( (Finland)
Finlands edible insect blogger.

Bug Amok ( (Denmark)

Entomofago ( (Italy)
Just like Bugburger Lorenzo Pezzato have been promoting edible insects by journalism since 2014. But Lorenzo have been way more active then Bugburgers founder, and have really made a website packed with great journalism in three languages: Italian, English and Chinese!

Skyfood – Swiss network for edible insects ( (Switzerland)
Don’t miss Daniel Ambühls fantastic Youtube channel with great interviews and videos from all around the world.
He has also made a bee drone larvae cookbook! Now also in English.

Entovegan ( (Cambodia)
Josh Galt proves to the world that it is healthy living an entovegan lifestyle, consuming vegetables, insects and crustaceans. Read Bugburgers interview with Josh here >>

Podcasts and Youtube channels!

Don’t miss Bugburgers Youtube channel… but honestly there are some even better channels out there. And podcasts!

Ento Nation ( (USA)
A great podcast hosted by Marc “the Cricket Man” Sanchez.

Les Criquets Migrateurs (France)
Follow a great edible insect trip around the world!

Skyfood (Switzerland)
Don’t miss Daniel Ambühls fantastic Youtube channel with great interviews and videos from all around the world.

Bug recipes!
Great Youtube channel with recipes from Aaron and Leo

Bugging out! (USA)
Chef PV:s insect cooking youtube channel.

Ento Podcast (UK)
Check out Ross Ento podcast!

Insect startups that disappeared:

Unfortunately not all make it. Here is a list of some of the startups that seems to have stopped existing.
Please contact Bugburger if that is not the case.

Viur (, (Iceland)
Have decided to quit.

Sustainable gains ( (US)

Crunchy Critter Farms ( (US)

Jacuna ( (Mexico)

bodhi ( (UK)

Insectios (
Cookies and seasoned dried insects.

Edible Unique ( (UK)

Slightly nutty ( (USA)

Esculent ( (USA)

Mophagy ( (UK)

BugGrub ( (UK)

Poda foods ( (USA)

Jumping Jack Snack ( (Netherlands)

ofbug (, (Canada)

Entoeats ( (Canada)

Ecobar ( (Australia)

Dimini Cricket ( (France)

Bugs on the menu (Canada)

ento ( (UK)

Gathr foods ( (UK)
Used to make the Crobar

BeEnto ( (UK)

Crispizz ( (France)

Qvicket ( (Sweden)
Swedish insect startup from 2015-2018. Didn’t make it.

Hakuna mat ( (Sweden)
Unfortunately one of Swedens pioneer entopreneurs Hakuna mat didn’t make it.

Jungle bar ( (Iceland)

Ronzo ( (Poland)
A polish start up that worked on cricket capsules.

Buggies ( (Denmark) (USA)

Ben’s Bugs (, (Belgium)
Bugburger likes the fact that Bens makes a hamburger “Great Burgondy”. They also sells an insect wok-dish.

The Bug Banquet (UK)
“The Bug Banquet is a culinary and aesthetic exploration of entomophaghy which aims to redefine the parameters of food through the art of presentation.”

Cricket Protein Store ( (USA)

CrickEatz ( (UK)

Thinksect ( (USA)

Ozark Fiddler Farms ( (USA)

Crick bar ( (Sweden)

SEQ Foods ( (Netherlands)

Anti Gin (
A unique drink from Nordic Food Lab!

Sexy food ( (France)

Insects for starters ( (Sweden) ( (Norway)

Bugsnacks ( (Vietnam)

Inskt ( (Denmark)
Are about to launch a webshop selling “raw” edible insects, as well as a few products with insects from different European producers. Will also be offering tasting/cooking events

Chirpy Crickets ( (US)

The Bugchicks ( (USA)

Big Cricket Farms (, (USA)

Insagri ( (Spain)
Established in 2012, offers edible insects (mealworms and crickets) of premium quality in Europe, fed with organic products only.

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The End… but its far away from complete! Please write a comment below if you want to add a company

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Nu går det ääääntligen att köpa boken
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84 tankar om “The Eating insects startups: Here is the list of Entopreneurs around the world!”

  1. Italbugs says:

    Italian food (pasta) and sport supplements (protein powder and bar)

    1. Anders Engström says:

      ok. now on the list.

    2. Marco says:

      What mail i can send pictures of our products?

      1. Anders Engström says:
    1. Anders Engström says:

      You are already mentioned in the intro text about Professional insect farmers ;-)

  2. Beau says:

    Hello Bugburger!
    It’s Beau from Bugsolutely, we are a producer of cricket pasta (with probably the highest percentage of cricket ingredient in the market so far). It’s nice to read all the list of entoprenuers worldwide. We also do the same thing, listing the bug restaurant that makes up 100 places especially in the USA. We are still counting and updating more, too.

    However, is it bothering you or not if we would like to ask you to add us into the “cricket pasta” list? We are about to launch the product into Europe and USA markets as well.

    Feel free to check the 100 list of bug restaurant in our website’s blog post.

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  5. Nick Cooper says:

    Hi folks

    Please add us to your list. We are an online retailer of edible insects and are developing a cricket flour based protein powder.

    All the best.
    Crunchy Critters

    1. Anders Engström says:

      Of course! You were on my original list but somehow got lost when I made the web version…

  6. rebecca says:

    291 Film Company is producing a documentary titled Bugs on the Menu which advocates for the growth and acceptance of the entire Edible Insect industry and the companies and leaders that make it up.



  7. Mark Bradley says:

    We’re the producers of “Bugs on the Menu”, a feature documentary about entomophagy. Please add us as a company under Media or Insect Eating Advocates:

    Bugs Productions Inc. (Canada)

    The answer to feeding the world’s expanding population may be smaller than you think. The feature documentary Bugs on the Menu travels to countries where the practice of entomophagy is common, and follows those people working to bring edible insects to Western cultures.

    Our Indiegogo campaign ends in 2 days!

    1. Anders Engström says:

      sorry for late reply. you are now on the list.
      Hope you get the funding for the film!

  8. Andreas Zühlke says: , Germany
    R&D Black soldier flie for petfood

    Thanks, Andreas

  9. Anita Koidan Axelsson says:

    Hur kan jag odla insekter på min skogsgård ?

    1. Anders Engström says:

      hej! Här hittar du bra information om att odla insekter:
      Kom ihåg att det än så länge inte är tillåtet att sälja insekter som människoföda.
      Men odla för eget bruk går bra.

  10. Axel says:

    Hi, is another startup focusing on high protein products based on crickets/cricket flour. Our products will be available for sweden withing short! Please add us!

    1. Anders Engström says:

      You are on the list.

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  13. Mark Bradley says:

    Please update the link for Bugs on the Menu to our finished website (featuring insect recipes from acclaimed chefs):

    1. Anders Engström says:


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  20. Johan Eriksson says:


    Hittade din blogg och ser att du inte har med oss på listan, vi har sålt insekter i Sverige i 15 årstid, även levererat till Nobels fredscenter i Oslo och till invigningen av forskningsanläggningen i Uppsala. Vid flertalet tillfällen funnits med i TV4 och SVT.

    Gillar din blogg och hoppas kunna komma ikontakt för att kolla om vi kan bidra i arbetet mot Livsmedelsvekets slappa hantering av detta.
    Med vänlig hälsning,
    Johan Extremefood

  21. Lim Jie Ai says:

    Dear Sir:

    Could you please include the Flying SpArk in your list?

    Flying SpArk is an Israeli startup company in the alternative protein space. In line with our motto to “fill 9 billion bowls by 2040,” we are producing a high quality protein powders from the Med fruit fly larvae for human consumption as a healthier and sustainable alternative for animal protein.

    We currently have whole powder, reduced-fat powder, dry larva, and larvae oil.

    Thank you!

    1. Anders Engström says:

      I have now included you on the list!

  22. mushimi says:

    insect cuisine in japan is not a company.
    It is a group where people get together once a month to enjoy eblible insects.
    However there are few food companies in Japan that use bees and locust as a part of japanese traditional food.

    kind regards

    1. Anders Engström says:

      Thanks for the info! There are not just companies on the list. I’ll move them to the advocate section!
      It would be great to have more info on Japanese companies selling insects as food. Do you have links to them?

  23. Mushimi says:

    Hi there,

    Here are some companies selling/making insect as food here in Japan.
    Please note that most of those companies are small and support only in Japanese.
    I am trying to promote them to abroad, so will contact you with more names shortly.

    Meanwhile, they are some popular companies.

    Bee and locust products
    Harada Syoten

    Bee product
    Shinsyu Hachimituhonpo

    Hope this helps

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  26. Kathy Rolin says:

    Hi! We have a family farm in Montana called Cowboy Cricket Farms. We raise crickets, do research, and sell 3 cricket products: Chocolate Chirp Cookie, Cricket powder, and Cricket flour.

    Kathy Rolin

    1. Anders Engström says:

      You are now listed as “Professional insect farm”.

  27. Acersc says:

    Why are they crossed out ?

    1. Anders Engström says:

      Hi! I use a plugin that checks if links have stopped working. The times the plugin doesn’t get a respons from the website the link is crossed. Unfortunately this sometimes also happens to sites with a temporary failure.

  28. Segers Baptiste says:


    Thank you so much for that very complete list that will for sure be very helpful to start my business.

    Maybe would it be interesting to write a section about future entrepreneurs in this industry ?

    It could help them to find other people sharing the same interest but not daring to start their start up.

    In that case you can write me in.

    I am Baptiste Segers, 24, freshly graduated from a Bachelor dual degree in international Business. I have been dreaming for 3 years now to start my own company in the edible insect industry, either in the USA, or Canada.
    If you want to contact me for any reason, just use my linked in ( ) or my e-mail :

    I wish I could see a lot of new entrepreneurs very soon !

    1. Anders Engström says:

      Good luck Baptiste!

  29. Sture Haglund says:

    Maybe you can ad GlobalBugs to the list of producers:

    1. Anders Engström says:

      Oj, jag hade visst missat att lägga upp GlobalBugs.

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  32. MasterBug says:

    Hello, i’m MasterBug and I create videos Recipes with insects in Italy.

    Bye ;-)

    1. Anders Engström says:

      You are now on the list MasterBug!

  33. Federico says:

    Hi! I think you forgot Microvita from Italy.

    1. Anders Engström says:

      now on the list

  34. syrine says:

    Hi! Thanks for mentioning nextProtein! Would be very appreciated if you could write it like this “nextProtein” rather than the way it is! Great list!
    All the best to you!

    1. syrine says:

      Also, just noticed we are in the FOOD section, but we actually are actors in the animal FEED sector!

      1. Anders Engström says:

        ok. fixed.

  35. Brenda says:

    Thanks for having created and maintained this fantastic resource!
    Please add Tottem Nutrition to the entomopasta section:
    We’re based in Montreal, Québec, Canada.
    Our Website and FB are currently only in the French language, but we’ll soon have English as well.
    In solidarity,
    Brenda Plant
    Cofounder, Tottem Nutrition

    1. Anders Engström says:

      You are now on the list!

  36. Martin says:

    Hi Bugburgers,

    Have you see Crickster? The danish company that believe everyone deserves to have the tools to live a happy and healty life. One of the things they are doing is providing products with insects.

    Have a great and lovely day.

    Kind regards Martin,

    1. Anders Engström says:

      Hi you are already on the list!
      In the category:

  37. Anders Engström says:

    Hi! You are already on the list! (its a long list ;-)
    You are in the category: “Online stores selling insects for human consumption:”
    If you want to be in a different category, please tell me!


  38. Luciernaga says:

    Aspire might have been conceived at the beginning as food for the poor (in order to get the huge amount of money they got) but in reality what the look for is business. And I think it is OK to look for business, but to clearly state it. It is hypocritical to pretend doing charity but in reality looking for profit!

    1. Anders Engström says:

      Hi! I realized I haven’t updated Aspires listing for a while. Now the info is updated.

  39. Christoph Speiser says:

    Hey I am mentioning your site in my bachelor thesis, for that i need the name of the Author!
    Thank you for your great work !

    Christoph Speiser

    1. Anders Engström says:

      Hi. All articles on Bugburger are written and maintained by me :-)
      /Anders Engström

  40. Johan Jacobs says:

    HI, great list!
    Coudl you include Millibeter, founded in Belgium in 2012, in the list? We work with the Black Soldier Fly, primarily for feed, petfood, and technical applications. We have founded the Kempen Insect Cluster in 2017, a cocreation platform for companies up- and downstream to create new products and services around bioconversion with insects.
    Johan Jacobs

    1. Anders Engström says:


  41. Grubs up says:

    Established late 2016.
    Selling human food products, including producing our own and importing cricket powder.

    1. Anders Engström says:

      Ok! I’ll put you in the general food section!

  42. Ross says:


    The Ento Podcast was missing from the list.


    1. Anders Engström says:

      I have now included a podcast section. Will there be any more episodes coming?

  43. Grubs up says:

    Please add

    1. Anders Engström says:

      its already on the list (generalists)

  44. Thomas Rognstad says:

    Hello is a cricket farmer(field crickets) and mealworm farmer in Norway.
    We produce live food for pets, cricket powder, dryed crickets, roasted crickets and cooked crickets.

    1. Anders Engström says:

      You are now on the list in the category professional insect farmers.

  45. Juan Morales says:

    Hello, good list!
    Could you add me please?
    We are one of the first online stores in Spain to sell insects products for human consuption.

    1. Anders Engström says:

      of course!

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  50. Kevin Wu says:


    My start-up farms domestic crickets for human consumption on a commercial scale. We process crickets into powder and whole roasted form.

    We are based in Malaysia and we supply to manufacturers worldwide.

    Check out our website to find out more.

    Email me for wholesale prices.

  51. Joe Shouldice says:

    Yes Crickets
    Premium Canadian cricket farm growing crickets and also selling flavoured dry-roasted crickets and protein powder.

    1. Anders Engström says:

      you are now on the list!

  52. Sebastian says:

    Hi impressive work and amazing list,
    could you please add us : BioHexaPro
    we just started 3 months ago but we will be fully operational in January and will produce Burger, Protein Bar, Cricket Flour for Agriculture and Pet Food
    We are based in Colombia, department of Caldas

    1. Anders Engström says:

      You are now on the list!

  53. Conan says:

    Infinite Food Group a.k.a Cricket Market
    Founded by Canadian, Cricket Market is the first and only autorised Commercial Cricket Farm in Panama. Central and south America Largest cricket farm focused on organic and 100% tracability.
    Facebook: @cricketmarketfarm

    1. Anders Engström says:

      You are soon on the list! The first entry from Panama!

  54. max says:

    you may want to add Bugsolutely China, makers of the unique Bella Pupa silkworm powder based snack

    1. Anders Engström says:


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